DsmbISP Final Exam

CCNA Discovery 2 – Final Exam

1   Refer to the exhibit. A new router has been configured for the first time with the commands that are displayed. Which two facts can be determined about the interface of this router? (Choose two.)

                It will act as a DCE device.

                It is administratively down.

                It will operate at a speed of 6.4 Mb/s.

                It is the first interface on slot 0 of controller 1.

                Because MOTD is not configured, the interface will not work.

2    Refer to the exhibit. What effect will the commands have when entered on R2?

                The cisco1 file will be copied to NVRAM.

                The commands will not work because a password has not been set on the TFTP server.

                The running configuration will be copied from R2 to the TFTP server.

                The cisco1 file will be copied from the TFTP server to the running configuration of R2.

3 The command copy tftp running-config has been entered on the router. What will this command do?

                copy the configuration in RAM to a server

                copy the configuration file from a server to RAM

                copy the configuration file in NVRAM to RAM

                copy the configuration file in NVRAM to a server

                copy the configuration file from a server to NVRAM

4 A small company has contracted with its ISP for web hosting. Which two items would be included in the SLA for this service? (Choose two.)


                web server cost

                service availability

                operating system on the web server

                web server model and configuration

5     Refer to the exhibit. Which combination of cables and symbols is correct?

                A – crossover, B – straight-through, C – straight-through

                A – crossover, B – rollover, C – straight-through

                A – straight-through, B -crossover, C – straight-through

                A – straight-through, B -straight-through, C – straight-through

                A – straight-through, B – straight-through, C – crossover

                A – rollover, B – straight-through, C – straight-through

6 Which statement is true about the reverse lookup DNS zone?

                It is most commonly experienced when users are surfing the Internet.

                It is the backup for the forward lookup zone.

                It dynamically updates the resource records.

                It resolves an IP address to a fully qualified domain name.

7 A user reports being unable to access the Internet. The help desk technician employs a bottom-up approach to troubleshooting. The technician first has the user check the patch cable connection from the PC to the wall, and then has the user verify that the NIC has a green link light. What will the technician have the user do next?

                Enter an IP address into the WWW browser address bar to see if DNS is at fault.

                Use traceroute to identify the device along the path to the ISP that may be at fault.

                Verify the IP address, subnet, and gateway settings using ipconfig on the PC.

                Connect to the user home router to check firewall settings for blocked TCP ports.

8 What is the purpose of the routing process?

                to encapsulate data that is used to communicate across a network

                to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks

                to convert a URL name into an IP address

                to provide secure Internet file transfer

                to forward traffic on the basis of MAC addresses

9   Refer to the exhibit. A ping command is issued on workstation A to determine if workstation B can be reached. What two events will occur if this command is successful? (Choose two.)

                The router will reply to the echo request with a proxy ping response.

                Workstation A will send a UDP ping request message to workstation B.

                The router will send a TCP acknowledgment message to workstation A.

                Workstation B will send a UDP ping reply message to the router.

                Workstation A will send an ICMP echo request message to workstation B.

                Workstation B will send an ICMP echo reply message to workstation A.

10   Refer to the exhibit. Router Left is unable to ping router Right. The show interfaces serial 0/0/0 command indicates that the interface is up but the line protocol is down on both routers. Which action could be taken to establish connectivity between the two routers?

                Configure S0/0/1 instead of S0/0/0 on router Right.

                Enter the encapsulation hdlc command on router Right.

                Contact the service provider to report that the circuit is down.

                Contact the service provider to enable PPP on the WAN circuit.

                Enter the no encapsulation ppp command on router Left S0/0/0.

11 Which combination of network address and subnet mask allows 62 hosts to be connected in a single subnet?

                Network address Subnet mask

                Network address Subnet mask

                Network address Subnet mask

                Network address Subnet mask

12 Which type of cable is used to connect a computer to the wall plate in the work area of a user?

                patch cable

                vertical cable

                console cable

                horizontal cable

13 Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting the serial connection between R1 and R2. There is no communication between R1 and R2. Based on the output of the show ip interface brief command, what is the cause of the problem?

                There is a misconfiguration of IP addresses.

                There is a mismatch of encapsulation methods.

                The no shutdown command should be issued on R2.

                The routing protocols are not compatible.

14 In a structured cable system, which term describes the cable that connects the wall jack in the user work area to the patch panel in the wiring closet?

                patch cable

                vertical cable

                horizontal cable

                backbone cable

15 Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements describe the data conversation shown? (Choose two.)

                The data conversation was started by the HTTP application process running on the client.

                The data conversation is identified by TCP port 80 on the client.

                The user started the data conversation by sending an e-mail.

                The IP address of the Internet server is

                The Internet server will send data to port 8547 on the client.

16   The show ip route command was executed on one of the routers shown in the graphic and the following output was displayed:

C is directly connected, Serial0/0

R [120/1] via, 00:00:19, Serial0/0

R [120/2] via, 00:00:20, Serial0/1

R [120/2] via, 00:00:20, Serial0/1

C is directly connected, Serial0/1

From which router was this command executed?





17 What can be gained by using a caching-only DNS server?

                The DNS server will use more WAN bandwidth.

                The DNS server will only answer recursive queries.

                The DNS server will be authoritative for only one zone.

                The DNS server will resolve most queries more quickly.

18 A technician is trying to troubleshoot an e-mail client that is configured with invalid POP and SMTP server information. At which layers of the OSI model is this network issue occurring?

                Layers 1-2

                Layers 2-3

                Layers 2-4

                Layers 5-7

19 Refer to the exhibit. What does the ^ symbol indicate?

                It marks the end of an error message and an insert point for a new command.

                It marks the beginning of an error message and an insert point for a new command.

                It marks a point in the command string where there is an incorrect or unrecognized character.

                It marks a point in the command string where a parameter has to be entered to complete the command configuration.

20 What is a characteristic of a scalable network?

                100% uptime

                redundant links

                easy expansion

                multiple backup devices

21     Refer to the exhibit. Devices need to connect to the file server from remote networks. What method should be used to provide the file server with an IP address to allow these connections?

                static NAT

                static PAT

                dynamic NAT

                dynamic PAT

22 Which transport layer protocol will allow segments to be exchanged between two hosts with low overhead and no mechanism for retransmission?






23 A building has experienced a power outage. When the power returns, none of the devices on one floor can access the Internet. The network administrator checks the switch in the IDF that these devices are connected to and notes that the SYST LED on the front of the switch is amber.

What is a possible cause of this problem?

                The switch is functioning properly.

                The switch has failed POST.

                The switch configuration file was not saved to NVRAM.

                The connection between the switch and the server did not autonegotiate speed and duplex properly.

24 What is a feature of PAT?

                It maps IP addresses to URLs.

                It displays private IP addresses to public networks.

                It sends acknowledgments of received packets.

                It allows multiple hosts on a single LAN to share globally unique IP addresses.

25 Which type of WAN connection uses a circuit-switched network?


                Frame Relay



26 To protect the data of its customers, an ISP applies the security principle of least privilege within its organization and network. What is the principle of least privilege?

                Encrypt only mission-critical data.

                Give employees access only to the resources that they need.

                Restrict file and folder access to system administrators only.

                Use the smallest possible number of servers to share files and folders.

27 Which question provides troubleshooting information about a problem at Layer 1 or Layer 2 of the OSI model?

                Can the server be reached through Telnet?

                Is there a firewall that is configured on the PC?

                Is there a link light on the network card?

                What addresses are configured in the TCP/IP settings?

28 A user is able to ping IP addresses but is unable to ping hosts by domain name. What should be checked at the workstation of the user?

                the device driver configuration of NIC

                the LED status of the NIC

                the DNS configuration

                the firewall settings

29 Which service team in an ISP is responsible for determining if the new customer has hardware that will support the new WAN connection and if new WAN circuits need to be installed?

                customer service

                onsite installation

                planning and provisioning

                network operations center

30 What is the maximum unrepeated distance set by industry standards for UTP cable?

                10 meters

                75 meters

                100 meters

                325 meters

31 A network engineer has been asked to design a new structured cable system. What should be the first step in the project?

                Obtain an accurate floor plan.

                Identify all potential sources of EMI.

                Sketch the proposed network design.

                Determine the locations of all network devices.

32  Refer to the exhibit. A new branch office has been added to the corporate network and a new router is to be installed to allow branch office users to access the database server at headquarters. How should the serial 0/0/0 interface of the new branch office router be configured to connect to the headquarters router?

                branch_23(config-if)# ip address

branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown

                branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation hdlc

branch_23(config-if)# ip address

branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown

                branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp

branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown

                branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp

branch_23(config-if)# ip address

                branch_23(config-if)# encapsulation ppp

branch_23(config-if)# ip address

branch_23(config-if)# no shutdown

33  Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator of the building in the graphic needs to choose the type of cable best suited to add ServerB to the network. Which cable type is the best choice?




                fiber optic

34 What is a characteristic of UDP?

                It is a reliable transport protocol.

                It requires the source host to resend packets that are not acknowledged.

                It adds a minimal amount of overhead to the data to be transmitted.

                It is a connection-oriented protocol.

35        Refer to the exhibit. Users at the branch office complain that they cannot download files from the FTP server that is located at the company headquarters (HQ). Which three troubleshooting steps would be appropriate, in the order from first step to the last, if a technician troubleshoots the problem by using the divide-and-conquer method?

                steps 1, 3, and 6

                steps 1, 4, and 6

                steps 2, 3, and 7

                steps 4, 5, and 6

36      Refer to the exhibit. Host H1 is sending a datagram to host H2 across the Internet. NAT will be configured on RTRC. Which address is considered the inside local address?






37 What are three features of the TCP protocol? (Choose three.)

                It provides retransmission of data packets if they are lost during transmission.

                It is a connectionless protocol.

               It uses a three-way handshake between the sending and receiving systems to establish each conversation.

                It specifies how messages are reassembled at the destination host.

                It requires only 8 bytes of overhead.

                It breaks the data packet into datagrams.

38 To manage a Cisco switch using Telnet, where would the management IP address be configured on the switch?

                VLAN 1 interface

                first vty port

                first trunk port

                console port

                FastEthernet 0/1 interface

39 What is the default encapsulation for serial interfaces on Cisco routers?




                Frame Relay

40 When would TFTP in ROM monitor mode be used to restore a Cisco IOS image to a router?

                when a console connection is the only available connection to the router

                when the TFTP server software is incompatible with the router IOS version

              when the router is set to boot from flash, but the Cisco IOS image in flash is corrupt or has been erased

                when the current Cisco IOS on the router requires a feature upgrade

41 What is the effect of issuing the hostname RouterA command on a router?

                A description will be configured on the router interfaces identifying them as belonging to RouterA.

                The router will attempt to establish a connection to the host with the name RouterA.

                The router will map an IP address to the domain name RouterA.

                The router prompt will change from Router(config)# to RouterA(config)#

42 A network technician wants to restore a backup copy of the saved configuration file on a router from a TFTP server. After restoring the file from the TFTP server, the technician reloads the router and finds that it still has the old configuration file instead of the restored file. What could have caused this?

                The technician entered the command delete flash: before reloading the router.

                The technician entered the command boot system rom before reloading the router.

                The technician entered the command erase startup-config before reloading the router.

               The technician failed to enter the command copy running-config startup-config before reloading the router.

43    Refer to the exhibit. Which subnet mask would accommodate the number of hosts shown for each subnetwork with the least amount of IP addresses wasted?






44 What is used by a routing protocol to determine the best path to include in the routing table?

                Convergence time

                Default distance


                Type of router

45 A company functions from Monday to Friday each week. Their backup strategy calls for full backups each Friday night, with differential backups on all other weekday nights. If an administrator is asked to restore a server hard drive to its Wednesday morning state, how many backups must be used?





46 Which encapsulation method supports automatic IP address assignment via the option IP Negotiated, when SDM is used to configure WAN connections on a router?




                Frame Relay

47 How do port filtering and access lists help provide network security?

                They prevent specified types of traffic from reaching specified network destinations.

                They alert network administrators to various type of denial of service attacks as they occur.

                They prevent viruses, worms, and Trojans from infecting host computers and servers.

                They enable encryption and authentication of confidential data communications.

48     Refer to the exhibit. What does the highlighted value 120 represent?

                the number of hops between the router and network

                the administrative distance of the routing protocol

                the UDP port number that is used for forwarding traffic

                the bandwidth that is allocated to the serial interface

49 In the relationship between an ISP and a customer, what is the purpose of an SLA?

                It shows bandwidth utilization over time.

                It documents expectations and obligations of both parties.

                It helps technicians locate sources of service interruptions.

                It provides performance baselines for network troubleshooting.

50 Refer to the exhibit. Which statement correctly identifies the OSI layer and possible reason that Serial 0/0/0 is down?

                Layer 1 – cable is not plugged in correctly

                Layer 1 – no shutdown command not entered

                Layer 2 – clock rate not set

                Layer 2 – incorrect encapsulation is configured on the WAN link

                Layer 3 – incorrect IP addresses was configured on the interface

                Layer 3 – network statement is missing from the routing protocol configuration

51 Which protocol allows secure in-band management so that a network administrator can monitor and configure network devices without fear of any passwords being compromised?





52 Which cable type is used to interconnect the FastEthernet interfaces of two routers?






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